Email Template

Make your voice heard. If your company hasn’t either issued a statement in support of abortion rights, made a pledge to help employees who need abortion services and reproductive healthcare, or offered support and resources, please use our email template below to reach out.

Dear [INSERT NAME (Head of HR, CEO, etc)]

On Friday, June 24, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) overturned the constitutional right to abortion, reversing Roe v. Wade. This decision has an immediate impact on tens of millions of Americans and puts their health and safety at risk. Many states have trigger laws that are now in effect; now, 26 states are certain or likely to ban and criminalize abortion.

With the Supreme Court ruling, the clock has been turned back 50 years. The government and the courts have failed to protect this right, and the burden, unfortunately, now falls on corporations, who are the major provider of health insurance to the American people.

That’s why I am asking that as a company we join hundreds of other companies in committing to ensure that every woman and person who can get pregnant has access to full reproductive healthcare, including abortion, even if they live in a state which has banned abortion, forcing them to travel hundreds if not thousands of miles for care.

We have a critical role in taking a stance and upholding essential health care access and rights in the service of employees, consumers, and communities.

I ask that our company take action in one (or more) of the following ways:

  • Join the Don’t Ban Equality List: Take a stance against policies that hinder people’s health, independence, and ability to fully succeed in the workplace. You can join the list here
  • Use the company platform to make a statement: You can share your support for employees who need access to abortion care, and other endangered services. Post a company plan in support of reproductive rights and health care access and publish it internally or externally. See an example from Patagonia.
  • Assess our health care coverage and benefits: You can review and amend our current plan to ensure that there is a travel stipend for abortion travel, paid time off, child care, and abortion funds listed. Please share that information in a company-wide update.
  • Consider providing the following:
    • Financial assistance for travel and the cost of the procedure to people who need to travel to another state to obtain an abortion and to their partners.
    • Paid-time off (PTO) for when people (or their partners) get an abortion.
    • Relocation benefits for people who might want to move away from an area that is legally restricting abortion access.
  • Match donations: Support abortion funds, practical support orgs, or any of the organizations in our Resources list and set up a matching gift program.
  • Share resources: Ensure that your employees have a list of resources and know what resources are available within the company to support access to abortion and other sexual and reproductive health care. Make sure there is anonymity in place. You can find our list of resources here, including INeedAnA and Abortion Finder.

I urge our company to act and commit to protecting and expanding reproductive freedom and ensuring that all employees have access to complete reproductive healthcare.

Thank you.