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Anti-Abortion PoliticsTrigger-Law Politicians
“We have and will always prioritize inclusive benefits to create a world-class culture for our employees.”
“First, we will offer financial support to any Airbnb Host who is implicated under Texas Senate Bill 8 and faces legal action and expenses as a result. Second, we have made a contribution to reproductive health organizations, including Planned Parenthood. And third, we will work to support those employees whose ability to make choices about their reproductive care may be impacted by the Texas law.”
Amalgamated Bank
Amalgamated Bank is committed to safeguarding the right to choose for all communities. Abortion restrictions fall heaviest on people who are BIPOC, those with disabilities, people in rural areas, young people, immigrants, and people with low incomes.
Any operation not available within 100 miles.
Bank of America
“We have expanded the list of medical treatments that are eligible for travel expense reimbursement. This list will now includes cancer treatment, organ transplants at centers of excellence, reproductive health care including abortion, and hospital admissions for mental health conditions.”
“disappointed by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.”
“Bumble is women-founded and women-led, and from day one we’ve stood up for the most vulnerable. We'll keep fighting against regressive laws like #SB8
“provide stipends for employees who needed to travel for abortions”
“in response to changes in reproductive healthcare laws in certain states,” it would begin providing travel benefits this year “to facilitate access to adequate resources.”
Trigger-Law PoliticiansAnti-Abortion Politics
Condé Nast
“It is a crushing blow to reproductive rights that have been protected for nearly half a century,”
Chobani will now cover transportation, lodging & childcare costs when an employee or their dependents need to travel out-of-state to receive specialized healthcare. We hope other employers will do the same as we navigate this challenging new environment together.
Covering demonstrations and donations.
Crate & Barrel
Anti-Abortion PoliticsTrigger-Law Politicians
Dick’s Sporting Goods
provide up to $4,000 in travel reimbursement for employees who live in states that restrict abortion access and that the policy would apply to any spouse or dependent covered by the company’s medical plan”
“We recognize the impact that today’s Supreme Court ruling could have on many Americans,”
Douglas Elliman
“Douglas Elliman stands firmly behind women and their reproductive rights,”
“updating our benefits to ensure every Duolingo employee in the United States can access reproductive healthcare, including reimbursement for any travel expenses necessary for accessing abortion services.” Source
Can relocate “without justification.”
“Not only is supporting access to comprehensive reproductive care for our colleagues pivotal in supporting our women-led work force, but also crucial to our commitment toward full gender parity and equal opportunity in the workplace and broader society,”
Impossible Foods
“Supporting our colleagues in their reproductive health is absolutely the right thing to do,”
“We support our employees’ access to comprehensive health care — no matter where they live,” the company said. “We will continue to do what we can to best support employees’ ongoing access to the full range of health care that they believe is right for them.”
JPMorgan Chase
Travel cost covered (> 50 miles) for medical procedures, including abortion.
Levi Strauss & Co.
Will reimburse travel expenses for its full- and part-time employees who need to travel to another state for health care services, including abortions
“will hurt millions of women by taking away access to safe, and private reproductive health care services.” Increasing legal defense for drivers sued for driving to clinics.
“We intend to offer travel-expense reimbursements, to the extent permitted by law, for employees who will need them to access out-of-state healthcare and reproductive services. We are in the process of assessing how best to do so, given the legal complexities involved.” Source
“No matter where our teammates are on their family planning journey — from contraception and abortion coverage, to pregnancy and family-building support through fertility, surrogacy and adoption benefits — we are here to support their decisions,”
“While we had reason to believe this ruling was coming, we recognize that this news still weighs heavily on many of us,”
Open Sea
“We are heartbroken, and frustrated, and overwhelmed by the challenge ahead of us, … We believe that access to safe and legal abortion is absolutely critical to keeping women and those with female assigned reproductive systems healthy and empowered to make their own choices about their future, and to pursue their missions and ambitions.”
“Caring for employees extends beyond basic health insurance,”
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)
Application to cover travel. “I know that some of you will think that I haven’t said enough in this note and that some of you will think that I’ve said too much,”
“Our benefits programs are designed to support the health and safety of our employees, and we also have robust policies to support women in the workplace,”
“would relocate employees concerned about their ability to get abortions in Texas. “We will continue to offer our longstanding travel and relocation benefits to ensure employees and their families have access to critical health care services,” “
“It doesn’t matter what you believe, it doesn’t matter where you live, it’s about access to health care,”
Supporting “a range of reproductive health benefits, including pregnancy termination”
Vox Media
“This ruling will have a disproportionate impact on access to care depending on where people live, … It puts families, communities and the economy at risk, threatening the gains that women have made in the workplace over the past 50 years.”
Warner Brothers
“In light of the Supreme Court’s recent decision, we immediately expanded our health care benefits options to cover transportation expenses for employees and their covered family members who need to travel to access abortion and reproductive care,”
Wells Fargo
“in accordance with applicable law.”
Trigger-Law PoliticiansAnti-Abortion Politics
West Elm
“Business leaders must step up to support the health and safety of their employees by speaking out against the wave of abortion bans that will be triggered as a result of this decision and call on Congress to codify Roe into law,”
“[Will] reimburse its employees up to $7,500 when significant travel is required for medical procedures including abortions. “We strongly support our employees’ right to make health care choices that are right for them, and we will continue to do so,”
Goldman Sachs
Hims & Hers
$6,000 in travel reimbursement and two weeks of leave for any employee and their partner who need to travel to a state that offers reproductive healthcare access.
Interpublic Group, Publicis Groupe and WPP
Match Group
Power Home Remodeling
An expanded Safety Net program and health insurance offering that includes travel and lodging support for those who may need to seek healthcare services that are unavailable in their home state
United Talent Agency
Going forward, UTA will reimburse our colleagues for travel expenses related to receiving women’s reproductive health services that are not accessible in their state of residence.
Estée Lauder Companies
Bloomberg L.P.
As an organization, we strongly believe at our core in equality for all and that includes access to quality healthcare. In partnership with our benefits providers, we will continue to monitor the state- level implications of the SCOTUS decision and we are committed to providing benefits that ensure equitable, timely access to safe healthcare for all Toasters and their families. As a reminder. Our current medical benefit offering includes coverage for the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare services. Toast intends to assist US employees with travel expense reimbursement to legally access the reproductive services covered by our health plans if the services are not available in their home state. We are working with our healthcare benefit providers and will provide more information soon on the travel assistance program.
Paying for all travel costs / any additional costs for services needed for employees & family members
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Covering travel and any additional costs
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New York Times
Hewlett Packard
Goldman Sachs
“To continue to support all employees in having access to a wide range of healthcare options, effective January 1, 2023, the P&G U.S. healthcare plans will expand coverage for travel support for travel expenses incurred to receive covered medical care when a provider is not available within a 50-mile radius. Under our current U.S. healthcare plans, travel support is limited to specific conditions, such as some organ transplants. Beginning in January, this travel support will be available for a broad range of medical care covered under the plan.”
Internal source
“As of May 2022, we expanded our medical travel benefits in the U.S. to include travel reimbursement for employees who cannot access abortion care where they live. This assistance also applies to organ transplants and gender affirming surgery. Because all people should feel safe, valued, and respected.”